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Distin would happily help Liverpool to the title


Despite his own fans probabl having wildly different opinions to him, Sylvain Distin is more concerned with the affairs of his team than that of Liverpool.

The Reds sit just two points clear at the top of the table with Manchester City still having two games in hand over them, meanwhile Everton are just one point off Arsenal in fourth and the race for the Champions League has well and truly begun.

If a win for Everton on the fianl day would see them clinch fourth and a Champions League spot, but would also win the title for rivals Liverpool, then Distin would fight for victory.

“We’ve spoken about it with some of the staff and said, ‘what if we have to beat (Manchester) City to be in the Champions League but by doing that Liverpool win the league?'” Distin said.

“The funny thing is, some people would rather we don’t get Champions League as long as they don’t win the league. It’s mad.

“Personally I’d rather be in the Champions League. You can’t miss a chance for that. It would be amazing for the city if both clubs made it. I think deep down both sets of fans would like it if both clubs were in it.”

By Phil Wellbrook

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