Effenberg proposes a new idea to prevent Bayern dominance

Former Bayern Munich midfielder Stefan Effenberg has come up with a radical idea to help the Bundesliga become more competitive.

The Bavarian giants sit 18 points clear of Bayer Leverkusen, with only 13 matches remaining. As far as the title race is concerned, it is already over.

Bayern Munich are set to romp to Bundesliga glory for the sixth straight year. But Stefan Effenberg has come up with a plan to prevent a repeat of such a procession in the future. In the last 5 campaigns, Bayern have won the league by a margin of at least 10 points.

Effenberg, in his column for T-Online, proposed an open draw to split the Bundesliga into two groups of nine. Teams will play each other home and away from the start of the season until Christmas.

From there, the top four sides from each group, plus the best fifth-placed team, would start again with zero points in a fresh competition to decide the champions. Meanwhile, the bottom nine clubs would battle separately to retain their top-flight status.

“The championship cannot be decided in February or March, even a preliminary decision will hardly exist until then because all clubs start again in January with zero points,” said Effenberg.

“It promises tremendous excitement twice, first in the fight for the qualification for Group 1, then in the fight for the championship or against relegation.”

Effenberg also believes the initial draw would provide “a huge event that is not only attracting attention in Germany. The ratings would explode.”

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