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El Clasico 2024: when is next El Clasico, date, time & kick-off time – Real Madrid vs Barcelona!

El Clasico 2020: Real Madrid vs Barcelona live, when is next El Clasico kick-off time,date

El Clasico 2024: Real Madrid vs Barcelona

When is the next El Clasico? When is El Clasico kick-off time? Do you know the El Clasico date? Real Madrid vs Barcelona live? Check out all the details for El Clasico 2024 here! Watch & Bet Live Here =>

El Clasico 2024: Real Madrid vs Barcelona live, when is next El Clasico, kick-off time,date

When is the next El Clasico 2024: Barcelona vs Real Madrid date and time next match!

El Clasico is one of the oldest derbies in world football. Played between two Spanish clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid, the derby is one of the most-watched games in the world. Over the years, the most famous and successful footballers to grace the game have taken part in this clash and made history.

This is going to be the second derby of the 2023-24 season. The first La Liga match was held on 28 October 2023. The 2024 match is set to happen in La Liga as both Real Madrid and Barcelona are set to battle it out for the top spot. Both teams are struggling to reach their former glory.

Barcelona has made serious signings this summer while Real Madrid are currently finding their stride this season. Watch & Bet Live Here =>

Where to watch El Clasico: Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream

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Where to watch El Clasico live stream?

There are plenty of places to stream the game. Barcelona hosts Real Madrid for the second leg of the 2023-24 season. Both teams are going head to head in the title race as usual and this match will dictate who takes the lead over whom.

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El Clasico time & kick-off time

The El Clasico kick-off time for the second match in the La Liga season 2023/24 is 21:00 CET on 21 April 2024. In UK, the kick-off time is one hour earlier and that is at 20:00, 21 April 2024.

In India, for the Indian fans of Spanish football, the kick-off time is at 12:30 AM on 22 April 2024.

The derby on a minimum happens twice a year. Sometimes depending on whether the teams meet in the Champions League or not, or in the Copa Del Rey or not, they meet more. The last time the two sides played the derby was back on 14 January 2024.

El Clasico 2024: Real Madrid vs Barcelona live, when is next El Clasico, kick-off time,date

El Clasico date and time

The El Clasico date is set for 21 April 2024. The two teams had their previous derby back on 14 January 2024. It ended with Real Madrid winning 4-1.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona on TV in UK

The next El Clasico is the upcoming one on 21 April 2024. So where can you watch it?

Here are the TV Channels to watch on in Spain and in other English-speaking countries.

Country Broadcasters
Canada BeIN sports
United States BeIN sports
Ireland La Liga TV
United Kingdom La Liga TV
Spain Movistar

El Clasico

Real Madrid vs Barcelona top goalscorers

Lionel Messi is obviously one of the names alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. However, who are the other players who have made an impact? Watch & Bet Live Here =>

Player Club La Liga Copa Super Cup League Cup Europe Total
Lionel Messi Barcelona 18 6 2 26
Alfredo Di Stéfano Real Madrid 14 2 2 18
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 9 5 4 18
Raúl Real Madrid 11 3 1 15
César Barcelona 12 2 14
Francisco Gento Real Madrid 10 2 2 14
Ferenc Puskás Real Madrid 9 2 3 14
Santillana Real Madrid 9 2 1 12
Luis Suárez Barcelona 9 2 11
Hugo Sánchez Real Madrid 8 2 10

El Clasico 2024: Real Madrid vs Barcelona live, when is next El Clasico, kick-off time,date

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Wins and Losses

The match draws over 500 million viewers around the world making one of the most-watched football games in the world. Apart from the Champions League final, it is the biggest game in world football.

Originally the matches which were held in the Spanish championship but nowadays it has been generalized to every single match between the two giants.

The two clubs are among the richest and the most successful clubs in the world. In 2014, Forbes ranked the two the most valuable clubs in the world. So who has more wins between the two sides?

Barcelona vs Real Madrid H2H stats Matches Wins Draws
La Liga 187 78 74 35
Copa del Rey 37 13 16 8
Copa de la Liga 6 0 2 4
Supercopa de España 17 10 5 2
Copa de la Coronación 1 0 1 0
UEFA Champions League 8 3 2 3
All competitions 256 104 100 52
Exhibition game 42 6 24 12
All matches 298 110 124 64

El Clasico 2024: Real Madrid vs Barcelona live, when is next El Clasico, kick-off time,date

El Clasico FAQs

How much does El Clasico ticket cost?

Tickets for El Clasico on average is going at $396 currently.

Where is El Clasico?

The first El Clasico of the season 2023/2024 was held at Santiago Bernabeu.

Where can I watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

You can catch it on TV if you stay in UK, USA, Spain, India, etc – including 185 countries in total. Other people can watch it live on free stream.

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Is Real Madrid on TV?

Real Madrid matches are shown on TV in most countries across Europe when they play in La Liga, Champions League. Copa Del Rey all matches are not covered. Watch & Bet Live Here =>

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