Emenalo talks about Antonio Conte’s future at Chelsea

Antonio Conte

Emenalo talks about Antonio Conte’s future at Chelsea

Michael Emenalo might have left Chelsea but the media have only questions about The Blues to as to him. The former director was talking to talkSPORT when he spilled the beans on hi relation with Conte and the future of the manager at Chelsea.

“Chelsea are very lucky. Every year we seemed to find some very good people to manage or coach that club and I think in Antonio Conte they have one of the best three coaches in the world.” he told talkSPORT.

“I think that he enjoys a lot of respect at the senior level, the board level and the ownership level of the club, so there should be no worries at all. It is true that I have a very good personal relationship with him, I love his work, I love his passion, I love his ideas.” added the AS Monaco technical director.

When asked if the manager would remain at the club beyond this season, he said,  “But I think he’ll be just fine. He is surrounded by a lot of competent assistants, those he brought with him and those who were already at the club, and their recent results just show they will keep going on stronger and stronger.”

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