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Chilwell reveals how important Sterling is to England

Chilwell reveals how important Sterling is to England

Ben Chilwell has stressed on the fact that Raheem Sterling remains an important figure in the England dressing room despite being sent away from national camp.

The reports may sound a little fuzzy at first but hear us out. The Leicester City left back, Chilwell has only stressed on the fact that Sterling inspite of being sent away is important to England. He went on to explain that Sterling and Gomez sorted everything out and that Southgate along with the whole squad have buried the hatchet on the matter.

“It’s very easy to forget how much Raheem’s done positively for English football over the past year or two,” he said.

“Yeah, he’s made a mistake but he’s still a very big character in the dressing room and a very important character for us in the dressing room.”

“Gareth obviously spoke about the situation and spoke about what he thought. He also wanted to know what we thought of it as well,” he said.

“Joe and Raheem got the chance to talk as well, which they both wanted to do.

“Raheem was apologetic. He said it’s not in his nature – which it’s not – but we all know as football players that emotions can run high.

“There’s no one trying to make excuses for him, including himself, but two days ago was a very emotional game. Two great sides battling it out. Things are going to get heated. They’ve both moved on and both squashed it.

“Gareth didn’t want to make the decision himself. He wanted to come to the right decision with the leadership group.

“Obviously it got spoken about between the leadership group and Gareth, and the decision has been made and we’re all very on board with that.”

“I think it does help us a lot,” he added. It’s very easy to look at it in a negative light – with the Bulgaria game and what’s gone on over the last few days.

“But with how close we are as a squad, I think it’s very easy to spin it into a positive.

“It’s going to make us stronger hopefully going into [Euro 2020] if we can win these next few games.”

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