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Gerrard losing faith in Rangers

Gerrard losing faith in Rangers

Steven Gerrard has expressed his fear of how Rangers are losing to Celtic.

“In the second half, we never handled the heat or the pressure,” admitted Gerrard. “We never played like a team that was trying to fight to remain in a title race, a team that was trying to come away from here with three points.

“The reality is the opposition [Celtic] are in the driving seat. That’s down to two things – their form and us not being good enough since the winter break.

“But I’m responsible for that. I put this group together. I coach them, they are my tactics and decisions. So I’m not going to sit here and try and force any blame in any other direction than myself.

“It’s disappointing, it’s frustrating at the moment. We keep going, we keep fighting and see where we are. But on the evidence of the second half tonight, it’s very worrying for me right now.”

He said: “On the evidence of the second half, yes. We came here tonight and it was a pressure game in a stadium where you know you are going to be under the cosh or under the heat. The reality is that we couldn’t cope tonight.

“I had every belief and confidence when I reflected on the first six months of the season that I had enough to put at least a stronger fight up at this stage. But at the moment it’s looking extremely tough.

“The last four or five weeks – or how many weeks it is since we came back – the consistency seems to have disappeared, which is a worry.”

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