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Pellegrini gives updates on Nasri, Carroll, Arnautovic’s West Ham future


Manuel Pellegrini has said neither Arnautovic not Carroll are going to leave West Ham this winter transfer window.

“Andy will still be here with us, he is an important player for us,” Pellegrini said. “He is just coming back from a long, long injury, and the way he is taking advantage of his minutes he will return to the player that we all know. I am also sure Marko Arnautovic will stay here with us. Good players always have offers but that is different to rumours.”

When asked about Nasri’s return to football, the West Ham United coach showed he has lost no affection for the once brilliant playmaker.

“Samir Nasri will be on the squad list for tomorrow [Saturday],” added Pellegrini. “We will see if he will start playing, if he will play some minutes, but probably, he will be involved in this game. He is looking very well because he has been working with us for around one month. He has lost some weight. I think football is like riding a bicycle: if you learn to ride a bicycle when you are a small boy, you never forget.

“I believe Samir will play in the same way as when he was last able to. I trust a lot in what he will give this team. He is motivated and working hard but he has a lot of qualities. I am absolutely sure he is a player who will make a difference.”

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