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Pep refuses to compare Sane to Giggs


A flashy left winger with incredible pace tormenting defences week in week out. The exact words used to describe Ryan Giggs could be used to define Leroy Sane as well.

However, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola refuses to compare the two players. According to Pep, Sane is still early in his days and needs to play more of this quality football to be compared to the great Giggs. Moreover, Pep has also hailed Giggs for managing to adjust his game with age to keep up with the times.

“I think he’s becoming much more consistent but still he’s not Ryan Giggs,” Guardiola told The Telegraph. “I don’t remember if Ryan Giggs was like Leroy when he was 21, 22 years old. I don’t know. That would be the comparison, you know?

“I remember when Ryan Giggs played in the Champions League finals against us [in 2009 and 2011 when Guardiola was Barcelona boss]. That was after many seasons of games in the Premier League. But in the early stages, maybe it was quite similar. I judge Leroy against the real Ryan Giggs from the later stages. And of course still, he’s not like him.”

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