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DISGUSTING! Plastic snowflake fans turn on Chelsea star Diego Costa!


If there is one thing that reeks of hypocrisy is plastic football fans that turn on there own players.

Especially when that player has helped bring success to the club that they are CURRENTLY STILL playing for.

Who are these fans? morons, not all, but some, and you know the ones I am talking about.

They are the fans that ‘sing when they are winning’

We hear it with all club fans, Liverpool -Every player is great because they wear the shirt, until that one bad game, then that player is shite and has to go.

Arsenal – Wenger out at EVERY loss, Mesut Ozil is crap if he has a bad run and hates the club, Giroud is a has been etc etc, ridiculous claims

United -Manger is great, manager is shite, Manger is great again, manager is shite, all season it’s been that pattern, with the added touch ‘Paul Pogba was worth it’

The list goes on and on with these plastic fans and I could list every club, which gives me an idea, stay tuned for a top 10 plastic football fans, follow me on Twitter i’ll link it there when I’ve done it.

This week once again the plastic Chelsea fans have turned on Diego Costa, who not long ago was a hero, and why?

Essentially they are playing into the mainstream media’s hands, their lies, their unfounded speculation.

Simply put, the mainstream medias attack on Chelsea Football Club has been amped up this year with all sorts of lies.

Most of it Targeting Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, reports out of the MSM have said everything from Diego Costa wants to return to Spain, that was partly true but Costa set the record straight, to the media saying he is happy at Stamford Bridge and has been infighting with Conte and the Staff, all lies.

But these plastic fans who worshipp SkySports, BBC, Bein etc etc are believing it all to the point when they look at Diego Costa they see someone who hates Chelsea Football Club and has a deal in place to move to China.

I call these plastic Snowflake Zombie Fans –PSZF for short.

They aren’t true at heart fans, they look for the drama, every negative aspect, I hate to tell you this, you aren’t going to win every game and the media is lying to you everyday.

One Chelsea supporter said: “He was good for us but it’ll also be nice to be rid of the biggest s**thouse in the league. I just hope he gives it his all in the remaining games and goes out on a high note. “

Another reasoned: “Win the title and then you can go Diego….. if that’s what you want!”

While a fellow fan added: “The opinions on Diego possibly going go as much up and down as his form during a season.”

You do realise that is some cases a player has wanted to stay at a club but has ultimately ended up leaving because the fans turn on them, would you stay where you weren’t wanted? not likely.

So IF Diego Costa does decide to leave, you can be sure it was because the Mainstream media attacked and told lies, then the fans sided with the MSM and turned on him.

You only have yourself to blame.

Now you may say, but, but the money, the money will make him leave.

Give me a break, yes of course money plays a factor, but, in this case, with Diego Costa on some nice cash at the Blues, and saying many many times he is happy at Chelsea, the ONLY issue he has had is adapting to London, which to his credit said it’s not a big problem.

There was NO fight, debunked by Conte, Hazard and Costa himself, There was NO offer from China, debunked by the Chinese Super League Club.

Costa DID NOT tell a close friend he wanted to leave Chelsea, nor has Hazard or Courtois, who all have had the SAME lie told about them, funny that.

So plastic fans, quit being snowflakes and think for yourselves, stop attacking your own players because you heard a fairytale from the failstream media.

And stop pretending and spreading the lie that he’s having a bad season, take a look at the table below, it dis-proves your whining.

Diego Cost’s Premier League Playing Career

Club Apps(Subs) Goals


32(0) 19


28(1) 12


26(2) 20

Oh dear, seems he’s having a better season than last season, and played more games and Chelsea are on they way to Premier League glory.

Could this mean Costa has played a big part in getting the Blues there?, considering he’s played nearly every match? could this be?

Yes, that’s what the facts point to, wake up plastic fans!

And just as a side note, before you snowflakes come to attack me saying, you are one side and favoring Chelsea Football Club, big Costa fan etc etc.

Just keep this in mind and take in what I wrote knowing one thing, I’m not a Chelsea supporter, I support another club, actually a rival club, one mentioned in the article, Costa at Chelsea is a threat to my clubs success when we play the Blues, so why would I come in an constantly defend Chelsea Football Club?

Because I’m fair, I also defend other clubs, I follow the facts, debunk the lies and call out the hypocrisy, Truthfully,  just like a proper Journalist should do, hold people accountable for their actions and statements, no matter who you support, like or dislike.

The media lies has to stop and the plastic snowflake zombie fans need to wake up, grow a pair, stop whining and back your players, because at the moment the only side you are on is the mainstream media.

Fair enough if the player isn’t actually trying or performing, fair enough if the player has slammed the club, but call it when it’s true and fair.

You PSZF are not helping your club, you are harming it by bringing the players down, slamming them under false narratives and sharing stories that are lies.

You’re killing players moral, If you support them, they will in-turn support you.

You want the real news? the truth? have a read of these below, I debunk everything:

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