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Antonio Conte has given a warning to Tottenham hierarchy

Antonio Conte has given a warning to Tottenham hierarchy

Antonio Conte has laid out a warning to the club’s hierarchy.

Tottenham will make a weekend trip to West London to face Chelsea on Sunday.

They have lost four times against Tuchel’s men last season, twice in the Premier League and twice in the Carabao Cup.

But they had a decent start to the season winning 4-1 against Southampton last weekend.

Conte has hit up a warning to the hierarchy that he doesn’t like dealing with “liars”.

He said to the press: “I don’t like the people who told me one thing and then during the season after one year or two changed it. If you tell me a good lie, you don’t have a lot of luck with me. I hate lying and liars.”

Alasdair Gold believes this was a warning to Daniel Levy who aims to please the Italian manager in this summer window.

Gold said: “I think he’s getting everything he wants right now. I think Spurs have been very open and honest with him. He was told to begin with, there wasn’t really lots of money for that January window. And then for the summer, obviously, they made that money available.

“I think it’s a little warning, as if to say, ‘don’t lie to me, keep honest with me, give me what I want and I’ll be happy’. But I also think there is clearly other clubs he was talking about.”


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