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Top 5 players who like to gamble


Top 5 players who like to gamble!

While football stars often dedicate their entire lives into becoming the best players in the world, it is only natural that they also need to have other hobbies to stay sane. But did you know that some of them turn to the similarly exciting hobby of gambling during their time off? In this article, we’ll reveal the top 5 players who engage in both online and land-based gambling. 

Seeing star players do things that we can do at home creates connections and show the humanity of our heroes. One way that football stars do that is by playing on online casinos. There, we face the same struggles, be it on how to play the games or even how to choose what online casino to play on.

There are a lot of variables to take into account whenever players choose an online casino. Whether the player is looking for betting, slots, or card games, some variables for choosing the best casinos remain the same. While some look for low deposit casinos such as $1 deposit bonus NZ, others look for generous bonuses or specific payment options.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan has become something of a betting icon in the soccer world. In 2018 he became co-owner of betting brand BetHard, a betting company with Swedish roots. Together they launched “The Zlatan Challenge” and many other projects based on his soccer greatness.

However, the Swedish striker has also been in hot water over his ties to the gambling community. According to UEFA and FIFA regulations, players cannot have a financial interest in a gambling company, but Ibrahimovic owned 10% of the Bethard company. He ended up being fined €50,000 but avoided the 3-year playing suspension.

Christiano Ronaldo

Top 5 players who like to gamble

The Portuguese superstar is known as the king of endorsements, not least of all because of his endorsements of online gambling establishments. His partnerships with gambling companies expand his already large endorsement revenues, which also include brands such as Nike and his own CR7 underwear line.

Ronaldo does not lack confidence in his gambling abilities. He has participated in several celebrity poker games, including poker duels against Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and 2015’s Spanish Miss World. As the poker master that he is, both duels resulted in wins, earning large sums for charity purposes.

Wayne Rooney

Top 5 players who like to gamble

Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United top scorer, has a long history at the card tables. He’s spoken out about how long hotel stays in the early career stages left him bored and turning to online casinos. Today, he is a large promoter of responsible gambling after having seen himself the dangers of chasing losses and the difficulty of realizing the action numbers on online platforms.

Today, Rooney has moved on from his football career into a managerial role for Derby County. The switch came midseason last year, and the scoring giant has retired with no regrets from his playing career.

Neymar Jr

Top 5 players who like to gamble

Neymar Jr has made bold statements in the poker world. Amongst other, he’s revealed future plans to enter the gambling community professionally at the end of his football career. These plans seemed even more truthful after his competitive appearance in the World of Poker tournament in Las Vegas this summer.

Furthermore, Neymar Jr is brand ambassador for gambling companies. He has also joined Cristiano Ronaldo in competing in charity games, where he played and won against Star Wars actor John Boyega. In a promotional video for his ambassadorship, he stated that “Poker is so much more than just the game. It is a community and a culture and that is what I love about it”.

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué has grown to become a well-known name in the poker community. Every so often he appears in grand tournaments and often goes a long way. For example, in his two appearances in the European Poker Tour, he has placed second and third place, and he placed 5th in a 12-hour-long No Limit Hold ‘Em game in 2017.

The Barcelona defender has often compared his love for poker to that of football. The effort, strategy, and adrenaline are what keep him going, and his natural skill certainly helps.


One thing the gambling habits of our favorite players can teach us is the necessity for fun and relaxation. Perhaps these poker pros inspire us to try an online casino or to place a bet on their next game. Why not try a few games of football-inspired slots in preparation for the all-exciting FIFA World Cup 2022 winner odds this winter?

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