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Merson tells Kane to leave Spurs

Merson tells Kane to leave Spurs

Paul Merson has asked Harry Kane to consider his Tottenham Hotspur future.

“It’s very strange what’s going on at Tottenham because you think they are going to start afresh against Watford at the weekend, leave their troubles behind and get on a roll. However, they go behind early, which you think is not a problem, but they can’t go on to win the game. And how fortunate they are with their goal is bordering on a joke.”

“They are now fighting to get into the top four. You really don’t want to move into the new stadium and within one season you are not in the Champions League. Something’s going on there. I don’t know what it is but this team, with the quality it has, can’t be turning in performances like they have done.”

‘If you are someone like Harry Kane, you’ve got to be sitting down at the end of the season and thinking: ‘What am I going to do? Am I going to stay here and win absolutely nothing? Or do I go on and try and win something in my career?’

“I’m not having a dig at Tottenham, but you play to win in your career. Winning is the reason you play the game.”

“Who can they buy to improve? Have a look at Arsenal, they moved into a stadium half the price of Spurs’ ground and Arsene Wenger talked last week about his most successful years being the ones where he got the Gunners into the Champions League after moving to the Emirates Stadium because they had to pay off the loan and sell a player every year. Spurs are not renowned for buying big players anyway.”


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