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Pep full of praise for Sterling

Pep full of praise for Sterling

Pep Guardiola has praised Raheem Sterling after his hattrick in the Champions League.

“I know the special qualities of the player, the consistency, physicality, the finishing,” said Guardiola.

“For the second goal against West Ham the control was not good but the finish good, the third goal was really good.

“He is in his first days playing as a striker but for me striker will be an incredible position for him, but he can play in three positions up front.”

Shearer echoed the thoughts of Pep and praised Sterling.

“When he gets in good positions now you’re surprised if he doesn’t score,” Shearer said on Match of the Day. “He is so confident and has so much belief in himself. He was almost unplayable.

“His numbers in the last two years are outstanding – 35 goals and 32 assists in the Premier League.

“And in the last six years he’s played more than 30 times every year – incredible, what a player!”

However, Pep also praised the whole team.

He added: “In the first half he played in the level we played in as a team and then the second half he played the level the team played.

“They are incredibly talented players but they need the group. When the team goes forward and makes that step, he plays better.”

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