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Sterling-Gomez saga comes to an end

Sterling-Gomez saga comes to an end

Gareth Southgate has finally called for an end to the Joe Gomez-Raheem Sterling saga.

The players were involved in a heated interaction on Sunday at Anfield and it continued the next day as well while in training for the national team.

Sterling was sent home for his behaviour and it was followed by England fans booing young Joe Gomez. However, Sterling sent out a message yesterday asking fans to get behind and support Gomez instead. This according to Southgate, has ended all the confusion.

“You couldn’t make it up if you tried! He’s absolutely fine. He had a clash of knees yesterday. We scanned it just to be certain and I think he’ll be fine in a couple of days,” Southgate said.

“But he wasn’t able to train today so it was a simple decision. Now is a good moment for him to go home for a couple of days and clear his head.

“The pleasing thing for me is that we got him back on the pitch. The tweet that Raheem put out the other night was real closure on the whole incident.

“We get Raheem back on the pitch tomorrow. We won the match on Thursday and we can now just look forward.

“We actually ended up had a chuckle this morning at the ridiculousness of the way he’s had to go home in the end.

“He’s had a difficult week, as you say, but it’s one that will make him stronger and one that he’s dealt with really well.”

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