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Xhaka was wrong: Emery

Xhaka was wrong: Emery

Arsenal coach Unai Emery has admitted his captain Granit Xhaka was wrong to abuse the fans. This is what the clueless coach had to say.

“He’s wrong, but we are going to speak inside about that situation,” said Emery.

“I want to listen to him and be calm. But really he was wrong in this action.

“Now we need to stay calm and speak with him, to speak inside about that reaction.

“His reaction was wrong in that moment. We are working, me and the club, inside with every player to manage playing under pressure.

“We need to be clever in our minds and create habits under pressure for our minds to be clearer.

“We can play with our hearts and can be hot in difficult moments, but our minds must be clever. We are going to speak about that, of course, because the reaction was wrong.

“We will speak with the players and the club about this reaction.”

“It’s not the moment to speak about that. First, I want to speak with him and the club, and we want to stay calm before we speak about that. He was not right to do that.”

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