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Bayern Munich match ends in bizzare protest over offensive banner

Bayern Munich match ends in bizzare protest over offensive banner

Bayern were having a usual Bundesliga weekend in Germany dismantling yet another domestic team by 6 goals to nil.

However, to the surprise of everyone, the match ended with both sides playing keep-ball. Keep-ball is what you play when you are just passing the ball around between 22 players to kill the time till the final whistle blows. So why did this happen?

Bayern were 6-0 up against Hoffenheim, who recently became the first German club to break the 50+1 ownership rule. The rule states that any German club needs to be owned more than 50% by the fans and the minority section can be owned by investors.

However, Dietmar Hopp, the German billionaire, and Hoffenheim broke this rule when taking over the club. In his time in charge, he brought them up from the 5th division and this has agitated fan bases across multiple German clubs who have all protested against Hopp’s reign.

However, Bayern fans took it to a different level yesterday when lashing out an extremely offensive banner against Hopp personally. It led to the players stopping the match with Bayern stars like Muller, Alaba and Neuer pleading the fans to take it down. However, 10 minutes later out came the banner again and the players according to FIFA rule had to be sent off to the dressing room for 5 minutes.

This saw Bayern chiefs and managers come out and take charge to ask the fans to put it down. The Bayern lot obviously realized that had the banner come out a third time, it would stop the match a third time leading to the nullification of a sure shot win for the Munich club.

The players came out and the remainder of the match was spent playing keep-ball between the teams and everybody walked off with a bad taste of the experience.

Will the German FA take action and will Bayern chiefs ban these traveling fans? It remains to be seen.

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