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Merson believes Grealish should go to Euro 2020

Merson believes Grealish should go to Euro 2020

Football pundit Paul Merson is convinced that Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish must go to Euro 2020 – because he’s one of England’s top players.

“I think he’s England’s best player at the moment. He’s a phenomenal footballer. I don’t see anybody like him in England. They talk about £100m players, all the others, but he is the best player in my opinion,” said Merson on Sky Sports.

“Grealish has to be in the next England squad, for sure. For me it’s a case of where Gareth Southgate plays him. He probably looks at Grealish and thinks: ‘Can I trust him?’ and that’s because Grealish doesn’t hold a position at Aston Villa, he goes and does what he wants, because he has to, because they’re not good enough! He plays in a team where he needs to get on the ball, sometimes dropping to get it off the centre-half, and it won’t be like that with England.”

Grealish has always been regarded as the face of Aston Villa and captaining the team – but it didn’t always start out that way.

He told Sky Sports: “Everything that’s happened in my life, good or bad, football-wise has set me up to be the person I am today. I wouldn’t change anything.

“Everyone knows I’ve had a bit of bad press when I was a bit younger, but I wouldn’t change it. That’s made me who I am today.”

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