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Bale on his way to Newcaslte: Berbatov reveals how!

Bale on his way to Newcaslte: Berbatov reveals how!

Newcastle United is the one club now who are in La La Land.

They were recently bought by football’s richest owners ever! The rest of the Premier League owners, even after their putting their money together, cannot match up to even half of Newcastle’s financial pull!

There has been talk that Gareth Bale and Mauricio Pochettino are only two of the many big many signings being planned by the club.

Dimitar Berbatov has given his idea on how he thinks Newcastle can sign Bale!

“If the rumours are true, and Newcastle are looking at appointing Mauricio Pochettino, it would be a great move for the team,’ he told Betfair.

“If he goes there then it will be the first sign from the new owners, to the players they are targeting, that the club means business.

“If you put Pochettino in charge at Newcastle and you go and speak to players, trust me they will pay more attention and take the offer seriously, and I’m talking about big players as well.

“I know Gareth Bale is among those who have been linked with the club. I’m sure Newcastle will want to rebuild with some top names.

“If the rumours are true, the first thing Pochettino is going to want is a guarantee that they will buy players because he would like to have as many good players as possible at his disposal so that he can achieve the club’s goals.

“He has already made his name as one of the best coaches in the world. The question is, does Pochettino actually want to go to Newcastle? When you are connected to names like Real Madrid and Manchester United – and I mean no disrespect to Newcastle – there is a bit of a difference there.

“The biggest factor that would persuade Pochettino to go to St James’ Park would be having the funds to buy players.”

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