Gareth Bale’s limited option listed by Rush

Gareth Bale's limited option listed by Rush

Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United are likely to be Gareth Bale’s destination this summer according to Ian Rush.

Bale has been out of touch at Madrid and never quite settled since his move six years ago. It is now reported that Madrid wants to get rid of him but wants a hefty price for him. Hence Rush believes not many club will want to bring in Bale.

“Apart from that, where else are you looking at?” former Liverpool and Juventus striker Rush told BBC Sport.

“Looking at Manchester United last season, I think he’d walk into that side now.

“When a club wants to get rid of you and he wants to stay, it’s very difficult and I feel for him because like I’ve said before, Real Madrid supporters should be applauding him.

“You get to a stage now where different managers have different ways. You just hope that Gareth gets back, hopefully, in the Premier League because everyone wants to see him play.

“In the last two Wales games he hasn’t been the player he is, but sometimes even the greatest players have to have a couple of bad games.

“He’s still got a few years left in him and it depends which club wants to take him.”

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