Mane encouraged to leave Liverpool

Mane encouraged to leave Liverpool

Sadio Mane has been encouraged to leave Liverpool and join Real Madrid this season after a successful campaign with the Reds by Senegal chief Seck.

Mane has been encouraged to try his luck at Madrid and Seck said: “Everybody in the world knows that Mane is in the top ten best footballers in the world and he has achieved significant success at Liverpool in the past season.

“He alongside Mo Salah and Firmino are phenomenal. But this is football and he won the Champions League last season and he has the chance to go to Madrid.

“For me, I think it’s the best club in the world. Even if I am a Barcelona fan, I still think Real is the best and Mane should be thinking of that offer seriously.”

“The career of a footballer is very short and sometimes you don’t get the chance a lot so if it’s there, and I think Zidane likes him, why not?

“He played in Southampton and when the chance came he took it and went to Liverpool and he has held the challenge well in England. I think he will do well with another challenge in another country.”

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