Other teams would have dropped to 7th or 8th: Guardiola

Other teams would have dropped to 7th or 8th: Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has praised his Manchester City team for their fighting spirit.

Asked how his team played, Guardiola said: “Really well. We played top. I’m so delighted about the performance and behaviour as always.

“Being far away from first position after being champions for the previous two seasons, teams in normal situations give up and can finish seventh or eighth in the table.

“Maybe we are going to finish seventh or eighth in the table but not because we don’t try. We played so good.”

Guardiola said: “It happens when you play in that way, but thanks to him we can make a build-up better and use long balls. It happened, it’s football, but always I encourage them to to do it.”

“I think it was offside,” he said. It’s not like other situations that have punished us this season. We continue playing even if a goal is disallowed and we did that.”

“I think so,” he said, drawing a different response from his opposite number Carlo Ancelotti.

“Pep knows it was not a red card,” said the Italian. “It was a strong tackle but he went on the ball, so I think it was the right decision.”

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