Manchester City the best club of the decade, says Guardiola

Manchester City the best club of the decade, says Guardiola

In the last decade, Man City has been going quite strong – so much so that boss Pep Guardiola believes that City was the best club in that past 10 years.

“I think this club, in the last decade, was the best team. In terms of points, in terms goals, of titles and everything,” he said.

“So I congratulate Manchester City for that. So when we analyse every single day here, what happens day by day, we analyse that.

In the previous decade, spanning till 2019, Manchester City saw great success – with four Premier League wins, two FA Cups and four EFL cups.

“But we have a perspective of what happened in 10 seasons, especially when the people from Abu Dhabi took over the club [in 2008] and bought good players, interesting managers and bigger staff. I think we did it incredibly well.

“Because fighting with the huge elephants here in England, the big clubs with the biggest history. With us in the last decade, we were a part of them, that is amazing.”

Currently, Manchester Ciy are sitting in the third position of the Premier League table. They will be welcoming Everton on Sunday and we expect nothing but for City to win the match.

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