Pep Guardiola could well be on Turin’s touchline next season

Well, sit back and hold tight for this one here!

Trusted news outlet BBC Sport has reported that Pep Guardiola is in line to take over at Turin next season to coach Juventus. The news reporter who reports this news is the same man who was the first to break the news of Cristiano Ronaldo moving to Juventus! So the news in store might well possibly true

In other unrelated news, FIFA, UEFA, FA and EPL have opened investigations against Manchester City. The team is on the verge of a potential ban to buy players, ban from playing in UEFA Champions League, Europa League and possibly some points deduction in the Premier league. Well, if things to go wrong for Manchester City and they are unable to do Pep’s favorite summer activity; but 15 world-class players, Guardiola is ready to leave the sinking ship.

Convenient is one word for it although some hardcore Pep fan boys might call it accidental. Afterall, Pep is the genius who won the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich consecutively. Wait, no, any half decent manager could have done that. Pep is of course famous for winning it all with an average Barcelona team having sub-standard players like Xavi, Iniesta and perhaps the greatest of all time, Lionel Messi.

So, despite Pep’s success, it looks like it had more do with the team’s strength and wallet rather than his philosophy. Has Pep ever over-achieved or has he simply lived up to expectations because he was clever enough to dodge any team who cannot give him the best equipment?

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