PL, EFL, PFA makes joint statement amidst CoVID-19 crisis

PL, EFL, PFA makes joint statement amidst CoVID-19 crisis

The Premier League, EFL and the PFA has made a joint statement.

They have thrown some light on what can at the least be called uncertain times. The spread of the novel CoVID-19 has gone viral in a horrible way all over the globe with now over 500,000 people affected and over 27,000 dead.

The news is heart-breaking as the disease has not even hit its peak as it continues to surge rapidly across Europe and USA with India and other Asian countries waiting in the wings.

Football had already been suspended across Europe by the second week of March till April 3rd. The suspension was later extended till 30th April.  It now would seem that the date for April 30 too would have to be extended as the transmission of the disease can spread at a rapid rate through any meeting of people.

In light of recent events, the PFA, EFL and the PL have now released a joint statement.

“The leagues will not recommence until 30 April at the earliest. They will only do so when it is safe and conditions allow.”

“Further meetings will take place next week with a view to formulating a joint plan to deal with the difficult circumstances facing the leagues, their clubs, players, staff and fans.”

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