Premier League clubs pushing for season to be nullified!

Premier League clubs pushing for season to be nullified!

Amidst the outbreak of the novel CoVID-19, everything is changing around the world.

The disease has gripped the world and all non-essential services had to be shut down. The Premier League was suspended way back in the second week of March till 3rd April and it has now been extended to 30th April.

However, the reports keep multiplying by the hour as the pandemic has only accelerated in the last few days. Amidst such uncertainty and danger where the number of cases has now officially crossed 500,00 – the Premier League clubs are pushing to nullify the season as a moral stand.

The clubs had met recently via video conference and were all in agreement that the season should be completed even if it meant waiting till summer and pushing it till August. However, the latest developments and the rapid rise of the disease has seen some heads turn the other way now.

They are reportedly of the belief that football is not the most essential or the most relaxing service the people need now – certainly not at the risk of the disease spreading again.

The clubs stand to lose a lot of revenue and other prospective finances but humanity trumps everything else.

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