Pochettino wants clarity on VAR

Pochettino wants clarity on VAR

“Without VAR no one is going to check Sterling’s goal,” he said. “If you watch the linesman he was waiting to check the VAR. I am pro-VAR but we need to be knowing how we are going to use it. We need to make clear how and why the ref will check when we will use it. This is what needs to happen. I am all for technology helping the ref.”

“It was in the moment that I threw my jacket and I was a few seconds I had a few bad ideas and feelings,” he said. “In that moment it could have been the lowest moment. In that moment you start to think why and review the decision, so many things happen quickly in your mind.”

“We were very happy, it was a fantastic moment, massive happiness sharing this achievement,” he said. “I don’t believe [it is a turning point], there is still a lot of work to do it. We want to get to the level we dream to be but this is a great way to build our reputation and our history.”

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