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Jose Mourinho slammed for sacrificing Tottenham’s style

Jose Mourinho slammed for sacrificing Tottenham's style

Jose Mourinho has been criticised by David Bentley for the style he implemented at Tottenham.

Former Tottenham winger David Bentley blasted the Portugese for sacrificing the club’s attacking style and taking a boring approach to the game.

Tottenham appointed Jose Mourinho in Nov 2019 after firing Mauricio Pochettino. The Portugese was previously in charge of Manchester United before being sacked in December 2018.

However Bentley believes that Mourinho’s approach doesn’t bring out the best of the attackers.

“Tottenham and especially the fans – and I know hundreds of them – are used to entertaining football.

They want their players to express themselves and they want that kind of football,” he told 888 Sport.

“They have been spoilt with that kind of football and through Harry Redknapp and Pochettino they have enjoyed a successful period and seen some good football under both managers.

“A lot of it has been front-foot football, pressing from the front whereas Mourinho’s teams sit deeper and it’s a different way of playing. I can see why that frustrates because playing deeper is a bit boring.

“This is the method he sets his teams up and they sit in banks and spring from that and I don’t think it suits the players like Son Heung-Min and Erik Lamela.”


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