Home England Premier League Wayne Rooney surprised by Jose Mourinho sacking

Wayne Rooney surprised by Jose Mourinho sacking

Wayne Rooney surprised by Jose Mourinho sacking

Tottenham could have waited until Carabao Cup final to sack Mourinho.

Man United legend Wayne Rooney claims it is ‘crazy’ to sack Jose Mourinho just six days before the Carabao Cup final where they face Manchester City.

Rooney believes there is no manager better outplay Pep Guardiola than Mourinho.

‘I think it’s crazy doing it before a cup final,’ said Rooney. ‘It’s strange timing anyway. Surely they could have waited until after the cup final if that’s the direction they wanted to go in.

‘Mourinho is a manager who loves winning trophies, that’s quite clear to see. He’s won a lot of trophies throughout his career.

‘If there was one manager to set up a team to play against Man City in a cup final it’s Jose Mourinho. Tottenham haven’t had the best of seasons so from that point of view so it’s crazy and a massive risk.

‘I’m sure Daniel Levy could have waited until the day after the game, that would have made more sense if they wanted to get rid of Mourinho.’


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