Home UEFA Champions League Rose grateful to Lloris for the penalty save

Rose grateful to Lloris for the penalty save

Rose grateful to Lloris for the penalty save

Danny Rose has thanked his Tottenham Hotspur captain Hugo Lloris for saving the penalty and bailing him out of trouble.

“It did hit my arm and I didn’t think my arm was outside my body,” the left-back said. “But the referee said it was and if VAR wasn’t there, I would have got away with it. But he’s given it and luckily Hugo got me out of trouble. Even though it was after 13 minutes, it was a game-changing save. I’m not sure I can complain. I haven’t seen it again. It did hit my arm but it certainly wasn’t intentional. I’m just grateful Hugo saved it and we kept a massive clean sheet, scored at the end and have something to look forward to next week. It’s unnatural to try to defend a shot with your arms behind your back and I’m not sure that’s something the manager would be promoting.”

“But there’s not much I can do, I have to learn from it. I was lucky Hugo made the save because if they were 1-0 ahead after 13 minutes it would have been a long evening for us.”

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