PSG announces big contract extension: Can he achieve their European dream?

PSG announces big contract extension: Can he achieve their European dream?

Paris Saint-Germain were the club which was taken over by billionaire Qatar based owners almost a decade ago. They were a team on a mission to become the best football club on land.

However, it has nearly been a decade and they only managed to become the bets club in France but has left almost no impact on Europe unless you count the ridiculous money they spent on transfers. From buying out the weak French league by assembling a team of superstars to having a hierarchy in the club which clearly does not suit a football club, where did PSG go wrong?

For starters, one basic trait of every successful football club is the manager who runs the team. He is the boss in the dressing room and of all football decisions, sometimes including transfers. Well PSG, paid no heed to that. They did appoint some big names but none of them were allowed to build teams of their own liking as it is almost impossible to manage multiple superstars in one dressing room, specially when the authority of the manager can be questioned.

The latest problem of this nature can be personified by the presence of Neymar in PSG, who is clearly head and shoulders above everyone, including the manager. Ask Unai Emery.

Poor Emery never got the reins in and was replaced by Thomas Tuchel, the dynamic young manager who got Borussia Dortmund to play some scintillating football. However, at PSG, the success is measure in different terms and Tuchel is yet to prove himself.

After having failed in Europe once again, there were doubts about Tuchel’s future at the club. However, that has been put to rest as PSG have announced the contract extension of the coach to 2021. He will be in charge or so it would seem.

Only time will tell if he can get the club to operate like a football club should and get Neymar to drop his antics and do what a professional should do. Good luck, Thomas.

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