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Dybala tests positive for CoVID-19 – Italy in tatters

Dybala tests positive for CoVID-19 - Italy in tatters

Italy are currently ravaged by the CoVID-19.

The novel virus originated in Wuhan, China and has now spread all across the Globe with Italy the worst affected country. There have already been over 6000 deaths in the country and Italy are devastated.

It has affected not only the country’s general people but also the elite class. Football was suspended with Serie A, B, C, D all shut down a few weeks before as the Italian Olympics and Sports committee attempted to shut down all events which needed people to meet.

The league was however, too slow to react as players started to contract the disease. One of the first players to get it was Daniel Rugani of Juventus. He was tested positive on 12 March, 2020. It saw the Juventus squad getting quarantined.

Cristiano Ronaldo flew back home to Madeira in Portugal while other players went into self-isolation. Now it would seem after 10 days, another player has been tested positive. It is Paulo Dybala, Rugani’s team-mate at Juventus.

Both he and his girlfriend have been tested and both are positive.

“Both Oriana and I have tested positive,” Dybala, 26, said. “Luckily we are in perfect conditions.”

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