Home Football UEFA BREAKING: Euro 2020 canceled: tournament postponed to 2021

BREAKING: Euro 2020 canceled: tournament postponed to 2021

BREAKING: Euro 2020 canceled: tournament postponed to 2021

Euro 2020 has been canceled for 2020 with the tournament now pushed to 2021.

The tournament which was supposed to be held in 12 different cities starting from 12 June will now in all probability be held in 2021 instead.

The decision has been given by the Norwegian FA who said that after meetings with multiple Euro nations and other stakeholders, UEFA has declared that the tournament will not be held this year.

UEFA is yet to announce it but it guaranteed that the Norwegian FA wont make a pre-emptive statement unless they were sure.

The decision comes on the back of a massive CoVID-19 spread around the globe which began in China but has now made its epicenter in Europe.

All European leagues are currently shut down with the Euros also now under lockdown till 2021.

A meeting between UEFA, league representatives, and the 55 UEFA nations are set to take place today and they will now in all possibility confirm this news.

A decision on Champions League and Europa League is also set to take place over its continuity this season.

It will be a big flow for football fans, footballers, commercial brands, sponsors, TV broadcasters and every stakeholder involved with the event.

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