Hazard close to injury return!

Hazard close to injury return!

Eden Hazard is close to an injury return.

Here we can see him getting geared up for action for the New Year on Instagram!

Also do not miss out on him taking a go at Chelsea!

“The training is always with the ball,” Hazard told L’Equipe .

“When you have experimented with Italians, as I have done with Conte or Sarri, you have much less fun. Everything is framed.

“It’s hard to compare. I was attracted to Zidane at Madrid and felt very identified. He fascinates me and even has some power over me.

“He loves his players and you feel that the dressing room is happy to have him as a coach.”  

“It was a dream to get here. Ever since I started playing in my garden as a kid, they were the club I supported. Zidane was my idol. When I watched him on television, he was magic.

“The stadium, when I saw it on television, was magical. And the white jersey, impeccable. For me it was exceptional.”

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