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Buffon does not aspire to be a role model

Buffon does not aspire to be a role model

Juventus have gotten their old star Buffon back to act as a role model for the youngsters in the club. However, the former Italy goalkeeper has no such intention.

“Next week there’s a new set of Coppa Italia games, I don’t think I’ll play on Sunday. Then we’ll have to meet Roma or Parma themselves,” Buffon said before Roma’s 2-0 victory over Parma on Thursday.

“It’s a satisfaction that makes me proud, it’s right to be proud. Life is made of sacrifice and sweat, but also of beautiful and frivolous things.

“I don’t want to be a model for children and people, it’s not my aspiration, I don’t feel the need to educate anyone.

“Many would like you to take on these responsibilities, but the education of a child is up to the parent.

“I can be a food for thought, if a family at the table sees Buffon making 700 appearances in Serie A the father could say: ‘See Buffon, besides the man – whom I don’t know – had the character to suffer at certain times, the ability and humility to improve’.

“I want to be this for my children, but I don’t want to put pressure on them.”

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