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Top 10 Historically Best Strikers In Football


4. Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is one of the Top 10 Best Football Strikers Ever

Not really classed as striker but more an attacking midfielder, he also played as a second striker during his football career. The Argentine could shoot from any position and scored some wonderful goals, he dribbled past defenders as if they where never there, not only was he good in front of goal but could also provide goals for other players on the team as he was playing a play making role in midfield.

He was joint FIFA Player of The 20th Century with Pele but many football fans, experts, football critics, former footballers and current footballers regard Diego Maradona as the greatest footballer of all time, is that right?.

He played for big European clubs playing for Barcelona, Napoli and Sevilla from the early 80s – early 90s.


  1. I prefer Ramsy to stay at Arsenal. If he want to pursue his carrier in the future. If he go to Baca he will end up like Alex Son and Csese Fabregas.


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