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Ferdinand refuses Terry’s hand


It is a shame when the actual football on display isn’t the talking point during a football match and that was the case today at Loftus Road. Anton Ferdinand decided to refuse the hand of John Terry before their two sides faced each other and then he also walked straight past Ashley Cole, who didn’t offer his hand out at all.

There was a lot of speculation about whether or not Anton would shake hands with Terry and Cole after the racism incident that took place in the corresponding game last season. It was alledged that John Terry hurled racial abuse to Anton Ferdinand during the game, but the England international was found not-guilty earlier this year. Despite this, Ferdinand still made it clear that he wouldn’t be shaking his hand, nor would he be shaking Ashley Cole’s hand. This is because Ferdinand believes Cole went behind his back by supporting Terry during the court case.

A lot of people expected the pre-match handshakes to be cancelled to avoid any issues with the two sides, but the Premier League insisted that they would go ahead as normal. When the two teams lined up, all the cameras and all the footballing world paid attention to Loftus Road to watch what would take place.

The Chelsea defender did hold out his hand to Anton, but the QPR defender walked straight past it without even looking at Terry. Cameras caught John Terry saying something to Anton, but it wasn’t clear to what it was. After witnessing the snub, Ashley Cole, who was later down the line, didn’t even put his hand out and neither player made eye contact with each other either.

So all the appeals for the players to just shake hands and put it to rest did not work and it will now be interesting to see whether Anton’s brother, Rio Ferdinand, will shake Terry and Cole’s hand when their teams face in late October.


Alex William Batt

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