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Forget about Ronaldo City, he’s mine, insists Jose


Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, has told Manchester City to forget about signing unhappy Cristiano Ronaldo, by insisting that he will stay at the Bernabeu.

Despite rumours of Ronaldo being unhappy at Madrid for ‘professional’ reasons, his manager is adamant that the Portuguese man will stay at Madrid.

Manchester City and Real Madrid meet against each other on Tuesday night in the Champions League and when asked about Ronaldo moving to City, Mourinho responded by saying: ‘Every club should forget Ronaldo’.

He added: “Don’t waste your time… Cristiano and Real Madrid are perfect for each other.”

“If Cristiano’s sad but plays the same — that’s perfect for me.”

“If he plays awful and tired I will take him off in the 75th minute like anyone else.

“Finally after 15 days of talking about Ronaldo it is time to see if he plays well or not. Ronaldo now needs peace, quiet and to play football which is what he does the best and likes the best.”

Alex William Batt


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