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Fellaini gets a warning from Moyes


Everton manager, David Moyes, has given Belgium star, Marouane Fellaini a stirn telling off after he openly spoke about his future.

Whilst being away on international break, it was reported that Fellaini wanted to leave Everton as soon as possible. He then later said that he was happy at Everton. Even after declaring his happiness at the club, he still didn’t escape from getting a stirn telling off from the manager.

David Moyes has said: “We’ve had a chat about it, and any disciplinary action is between me and him.

“I do think that sometimes when players go away on international duty their egos are massaged by international journalists and things are said, perhaps because they think they’re speaking to different people and they let their guard down a bit.

“These things happen, and we move on. But where’s he going to go? The transfer window is shut!

Alex William Batt


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