Home Football Getting Tottenham to CL would be Mourinho’s best achievement

Getting Tottenham to CL would be Mourinho’s best achievement

Getting Tottenham to CL would be Mourinho's best achievement

Jose Mourinho’s dream is to take Tottenham to the Champions League – with their current position.

But when asked whether a top-four finish would better that, Mourinho said. “In these circumstances, yes.

“This season was so negatively special that we are going to be without them both at the same time for a lot of matches. [It won’t be] for my achievement, [but] collectively the team, for this group of boys.

“If we manage to finish fourth without Harry and Sonny it will be something incredible, an incredible achievement for the boys so we have to give everything.”

“The only different thing will be at the end of the game I can walk from the stadium to the house. Even that I will not take advantage of because I will come back with my players.

“Even for something that will be an advantage for me I am not going to use that as an advantage.”

Mourinho had just faced Lampard on Saturday, one of his former players at Chelsea – and was asked to comment on that.

“Seeing him is always nice,” he said. “If I meet him in the street, if I meet him in a restaurant, if I meet him in a corridor of a football stadium even as an opponent is always nice but [it is] not special to play his team.”

“It is not against him. It is my team against his team. Nothing special.”

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