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‘Gianfranco Zola annoyed me’, admits Fergie

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Manchester United legend says Italian was an annoying player to play against

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Gianfranco Zola was the most annoying Chelsea player he ever came up against during his managerial career at Old Trafford.

The Scot has recently released a book and loads of extracts from it are being released into the media, and the latest one has revealed how he didn’t like coming up against the Italian from Chelsea.

Zola is deemed as one of the most talented players to ever play in the Premier League, and after a game in which he scored in, Fergie commented on how clever the little player was.

“He’s a better player than I thought he was. He’s a clever little bugger.”

‘Zola Was Annoying’

However, the former-manager has elaborated further in his new book and has admitted he hated going up against the Italian forward.

He told Sky Sports: “Little Gianfranco Zola, he annoyed me. He was one of these players who was unperturbed about who he was playing against. He always seemed to have a smile on his face and that annoyed me.

“How can he be enjoying himself playing against United? Nobody else does. He was a fantastic player and I loved watching him.

“It was enjoyable and for me to say that about an opponent tells you how much I admired him.”

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Written by Alex Batt – @AlexBatt


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