Home Football How did Watford end up beating the invincible Liverpool?

How did Watford end up beating the invincible Liverpool?

How did Watford end up beating the invincible Liverpool?

It came as a surprise to Watford fans and a shock to Liverpool when the Hornets ended up beating the Reds by a more-than-comfortable score of 3-0.

3-0! That’s crazy. After 30 years, it’s possible that Liverpool will finally cinch the Premier League title this year and they had been on a winning streak for a long time this season. And Watford finally become the first team to end their unbeaten run after 18 games. But how did that happen exactly?

Watford had taken a lot of care when it came to their defensive line, and that played a major role in them winning the match. Their defending game plan even took over Mohamed Salah – they kept a very tight control around him.

“We just need to do that every week,” a beaming Ben Foster, Watford’s goalkeeper, told Sky Sports. “It’s easy if you do it like that – we had a game plan and stuck to it really well. Their front three were dropping really deep to get the ball and we knew our game plan was working.

“We stuck to our task and took our chances when they came. We took a lot of belief when we played them at Anfield, I thought we were the better team then. There is a load more work to go.”

Till the second half, neither side had scored and if you go to see, Liverpool was playing quite well at the start of the second half. The dip happened when Liverpool tried to build up their attacking side and found themselves tightly held back by the Watford players. Everywhere they went, Watford kept a well-knitted circle around them, making it nearly impossible for the Reds to score.

Indeed, Watford did massively well and like Foster said, if they can keep it up, they might just skyrocket up the table.

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