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Ibrahimovic: “Clubs fear PSG”


PSG forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic feels that their European rivals are using the FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules to halt their progress to glory.

The recently crowned Ligue 1 champions have been hit with a €60 million (£49m) fine by UEFA for breaching FFP regulations, but Ibrahimovic is is hopeful that the European governing body will not punish the Paris club further as they mean a lot to European football, in the Swede’s opinion.

“Financial Fair Play isn’t really my domain. It’s my job to help PSG win trophies, but the rest is political,” Ibrahimovic started at a press conference.

“But the other big clubs fear PSG’s huge project. That’s why they are using Financial Fair Play to counter what we are doing.

“I don’t want to make any enemies. PSG are very important for Uefa. The value of the Champions League and television rights goes up with PSG. I hope Uefa will acknowledge this, because PSG are beneficial to Uefa. We are not only working for football in France, but for European football, too 

“Maybe some clubs are jealous of PSG. I don’t think any club will appeal against Uefa’s decision. If a club appeals, we will find out which team it was…”

Despite the hefty fine imposed on them, PSG have still managed to reach an agreement for the transfer of David Luiz from Chelsea, a deal thought to be worth around €49.5m (£40m).

By Phil Wellbrook


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