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Is this NBA or the EPL? Asks Roberto Mancini


Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini, said that Stoke’s goal in the 1-1 draw that took place on Saturday belonged on the basketball court rather than the football pitch.

Stoke took the lead in the game against the champions when Peter Crouch bundled in a goal past Joe Hart, but replays show that the big-man used his hand to control the ball and to knock it past a Man City defender. This incident went un-noticed by match referee, Mark Clattenburg and the goal stood. 

Later on in the game, new signing, Javi Garcia got an equaliser for City, but it was Crouch’s goal that got all the headlines.

After the game, Mancini was left bemused at how the referee could miss such a blatent handball.

Mancini said for Crouch’s goal “you should talk about NBA basketball, not football”.

“I don’t understand how it’s possible the referee didn’t see it,” he added.

“I didn’t see this from the bench but I saw all my players wanted to talk with the referee.

“The incredible thing was the referee was behind Crouch. Sometimes it can happen that the handball is not voluntary, but not today.”

Manchester City now prepare themselves for a massive Champions League clash against Spanish champions, Real Madrid.

Alex William Batt

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