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It’s Scouting Time.


As the Champions League Fever has begun scouts from all over the world are hungry and excited to add some great talent into their team and what is a better time than the Champions League when it come to Scouting.

One such match where reportedly around 10 Premier League clubs had sent their scouts.This match was the Champions League Clash between Benfica and Besikta

This match saw Scouts from teams such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace,West Brom, Southampton, Westham and Chelsea

Details on the Match.

The Game ended in  a draw with the final score of 1-1.

The Highlight of the match included Benfica Forward Goncalo Guedes, who has been rumored to make a move to the Premier League in this summer. He is linked with clubs such as United and other Premier League Clubs.

On the other hand there is his teammate  Oguzhan Ozyakup who is also rumored to make a move to the Premier League this summer with clubs especially the likes of Liverpool showing interest in him.Overall the games seemed like the three points were waiting for Benefica until the Besikta’s late goal helped them stay in level.

We hope to have more of these kind of interesting games in the future which will hopefully cause the scouts to be busy with their notepads and lets hope for amazing Champions league Clashes in the future.



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