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Jamie Carragher blasts Arsenal’s Theo Walcott for post-match comments


Jamie Carragher claimed Theo Walcott was ‘just looking after himself’ with his comments are Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat at Crystal Palace.

The 28-year-old spoke to the press after the game, when he apologised to fans for their performance.

Walcott said Sam Allardyce’s side ‘wanted it more’ and that ‘you could sense that from kick-off’, while also saying the display ‘wasn’t us’.

However, former football turned pundit Carragher feels as though Walcott only did interviews to earn some respect back from Gunners supporters.

“I think his opening comment is ‘that’s not Arsenal’ – that is Arsenal!” Carragher told Sky Sports.

“That’s four on the bounce, he’s speaking like that’s a one off.

“This has been a performance that we’ve seen year in year out from Arsenal, exactly the same thing, nothing changes.

“And listen, we’re happy, we like a player coming on TV but this thing about ‘well done for coming on and being honest’, shut up talking about what happened after the game and he’s saying from kick-off straight away ‘we knew they were more up for it’.

“How can that possibly be? And ‘this is not Arsenal – it is Arsenal! It is 10 years of it, 15 years of it of the same things year in year out.

“Oxlade-Chamberlain gave an interview as well I think after the West Brom game and, you know if I’m being honest, we think ‘oh great coming out talking and being honest, what the fans want to hear’ – I think sometimes they’re coming out and looking after themselves.

“’I’ll say this and it won’t matter because I was honest’ – don’t tell me, show me!”

By Drew Darbyshire (@DarbySports)


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