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Jose Mourinho not worried about Son contract

Jose Mourinho not worried about Son contract

Jose Mourinho has made Spurs into a new team.

The one player who has shown the biggest sign of progress is Heung-min Son. And although Son has a contract that runs till 2023, it would make sense to hand him a more lucrative contract given his current form.

However, it would be tough in this financial situation around the world and Jose is not worried that Son will want to stay regardless.

“No, I don’t have any news,” Mourinho said when asked about talks over fresh terms for the winger, who on Tuesday won the South Korean Footballer of the Year award once again.

“To be honest, this instability around society, clubs and football… we have 2,000 people [in the stands], we are expecting more people, more income certainly a couple of weeks later, then 2,000 goes back zero people a couple of weeks later.

“I’m not a money man but wouldn’t like to be an owner or CEO of one of the big clubs with all this instability. How can you sign a new contract with a player?

“You don’t know what’s going to happen next season, you don’t know if you can offer the player a better contract. I think it’s a very strange moment, I just trust Sonny and Mr. [Daniel] Levy [Tottenham chairman], I know both want to stay, if possible, for life and until the end of careers, so I see Son signing a new contract here, but I don’t believe – I don’t even ask – for something to happen now because it’s not the right moment.”

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