Jose Mourinho Reveals The Reason Why Fred Is Not Playing Regularly

Jose Mourinho has made it clear Fred’s chance will come only after Manchester United sort out their defensive vulnerabilities.

The Brazilian midfielder arrived amidst much fanfare in the summer as United splashed a whopping £52m to acquire his service. But so far he hasn’t been used so frequently as one would have hoped as Mourinho is yet to settle things at the club.

It has been a hard start for both United and the Brazilian midfielder. Mourinho recently claimed they would be in the top four by the end of this year but given the current scenario, the Red Devils need to be at their top level to complete the task.

Fred was dropped from the Brazilian squad and recently said he will do everything possible to help the team.

Mourinho insists he can’t use the Brazil international until things get easier for him.

“When the team is defensively stronger and does not need in midfield people that are more about giving some balance to the team than being involved in creating, I think the horizons for Fred change completely

“You have also other players in other clubs that needed time. You have some of them that play even less than what Fred is playing.”

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