Journalist: ‘THIS Premier League club are a bigger club than Chelsea’

A journalist from ‘The Sun’ has claimed Everton is a bigger club than Chelsea.

Football editor for The Sun Charlie Wyett made the claim on a weekly Sky Sports show ‘Sunday Supplement’.

The show has been known to make up some controversial opinions on other issues in the past as well.

This time, it’s the blues fans who have been targeted, with crazy claims that Everton are a bigger club than them.

Wyett said: “Everton could bridge the gap, they really could.

“Recent success would suggest otherwise, but in terms of the size of a club it’s bigger than Chelsea, I think, and they’re probably the same size as Tottenham,

“Everton are a really big club.”

However, Chelsea fans didn’t particularly agree with that view at all.

But who cares what some one who works for the Sun says, they are the biggest propaganda fake news outlet there is

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