Klopp says Liverpool’s Premier League title belief remains as strong as ever ahead of Brighton clash

Klopp says Liverpool’s Premier League title belief is not dented by consecutive defeats

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has confirmed that back-to-back defeats have not dented his team’s belief in their pursuit of the Premier League crown, saying that the Reds know how to deal with their problems.

The Reds lost their proud unbeaten record to Manchester City on January 3 before facing a shock exit from the FA Cup with a 2-1 defeat against Wolves.

Jurgen Klopp’s men are currently four points clear of Man City at the top of the standings but the Reds will be forced to make the trip to Brighton with only one fit centre-back in Virgil van Dijk following Dejan Lovren’s hamstring injury in the FA Cup on Monday night.

However, the German believes that the feelgood factor in the squad will help Liverpool overcome their problems on Saturday.

“You don’t lose a game in the first half of the season, then lose one and lose your head immediately. That would be strange,” Klopp said.

“That would not, in general, be the right thing to do. That’s a moment where your team could be sitting in the dressing room and think: ‘Is he mad?!’

“Anyway, it was not that bad. We talk about Man City and it was unlucky. It was what? 11millimetres (from crossing the line)? Whatever, not a lot, and otherwise we get a point and that’s a brilliant result at City.

“Then we go to Wolves and I make the changes, it’s not the boys who make the changes. I make the changes so that says more about me than the team, so no let’s carry on.

“Do we have to do different things? Yes, we always do different things to be honest so that’s not a big problem because we try to prepare for the next opponent.

“It’s a normal situation, it’s still very positive. If we would have had one point more than City, then gone to City and won, we’d have four points more than them. If you want you can see it like this.

“It is only important for us how many more points we have than City at the end of the season. At the moment it is only information, not more.

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