Managers With Most Premier League Games Managed List

List of Managers With Most Premier League Games Managed

Who has managed most Premier League games? Which football manager has managed the most games in the Premier League? Soon you will find out which manager that has managed most Premier League games.  Here is our list with managers who have managed the most games in the Premier League.

The Premier League is considered to be the best league in the world and the toughest. It is also the most watched league around the world and has one of the best managers and the best teams in the world.It’s not easy being a manager in the Premier League as it is considered to be the toughest league in the world. In list below we look at the managers with most Premier League games managed.

Many managers have come and left in the Premier League some have gone on to become club legends some of them their tenure’s are cut short as they get sacked. See our previously created lists with the Top 10 Premier League Managers That Left An Impact and the Top-10 Shortest Managerial Reigns.

Managers With Most Premier League Games Managed 2019

Managers With Most Premier League Games Managed

Since the start of the Premier League in 1992, the league has seen a number of great managers who have gone on to bring a number of silverware to their respective clubs. One great example is Sir Alex Ferguson who joined Manchester United in 1986 and retired in 2013 spending 27 years at Old Trafford.

List of managers who have taken charge of over 300 Premier League matches

Here is all managers that have managed the highest number of games in the Premier League:

RankManagerGamesFootball club(s)
1Sir Alex Ferguson810Manchester United (810)
2Arsène Wenger714Arsenal (714)
3Harry Redknapp639West Ham United (269), Portsmouth (157), Tottenham Hotspur (144), Queens Park Rangers (71), Southampton (22)
4David Moyes461Everton (427), Manchester United (34)
5Sam Allardyce400Bolton Wanderers (226), West Ham United (114), Blackburn Rovers (41), Newcastle United (19), Sunderland A.F.C. (appointed 9 Oct 2015)
6Steve Bruce393Birmingham City (165), Sunderland (89), Hull City, (76) Wigan Athletic (63)
7Martin O’Neill359Aston Villa (152), Leicester City (152), Sunderland (55)
8Mark Hughes345Blackburn Rovers (147), Stoke City (76), Manchester City (54), Fulham (38), Queens Park Rangers (30)
9Alan Curbishley328Charlton Athletic (266), West Ham United (62)
10Graeme Souness319Blackburn Rovers (118), Newcastle United (95), Liverpool (68), Southampton (38)
11Joe Kinnear302Wimbledon F.C. (284), Newcastle United (18)

The Manager With Most Premier League Games Managed – Sir Alex Ferguson!

Without any doubt when you hear about the longest serving manager or most Premier League games managed one manager should cross your mind and that is Sir Alex Ferguson who managed Manchester United for 27 years winning 38 trophies with the club. He has managed the highest number of games of 810, 96 more than closest rival Arsene Wenger who has managed 714 games for the Gunners since joining them in 1996.

Fergie’s Dominance in The Premier League

Fergie is undoubtedly the most successful manager in the Premier League after he helped Manchester United win 13 Premier League titles helping United claim their 20th Premier League title surpassing Liverpool with 19. His dominance in the Premier League made the Scott make the following quote ”My greatest challenge is not what’s happening at the moment, my greatest challenge was knocking Liverpool right off their fucking perch. And you can print that”. His closest rivals to this record are Arsene Wenger with three Premier League titles and Jose Mourinho with two titles.

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The Gunners Arsene Wenger To Break The Record

The French man joined the Gunners in 1996 and has since led them to three Premier League. Despite going eight years without a trophy, Arsene Wenger is still loved by the Arsenal faithful. Recently he led Arsenal to the FA Cups for two back to back seasons’s in 2014 and in 2015 adding more trophies to his Arsenal collection.

What many might say this might be the last season of the French man if he fails to deliver the long-awaited Premier League trophy this season, the French man will still be a couple of games from the record set by the former Manchester United manager of 810 games.

Arsene Wenger is only 96 games away from catching Manchester United legend, Sir Alex Ferguson. Without any doubts Arsene Wenger is capable of beating the Premier League record.

Other managers

There are several great managers who came to the Premier League and took it by the storm but do not make the list here. The reason for that is because although they are brilliant managers who won a lot but they did not either last long or stay at the club long to make the list here and so we make a special mention for them here.

Jose Mourinho

A special mention for the special one as the man won three league titles in 6 full seasons out of which two were at Manchester United without league titles. At Chelsea however, Jose was a monster and one of the club’s most successful managers and correctly called the special one

Pep Guardiola

After a poor start to life in the Premier League where Pep was found tactically wanting, his method has paid off and he has now Premier League winners medal to boot and gunning for a third one.


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